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Spring Matching Campaign

May & June 2017


Thanks to 25 of Greenspire's most dedicated supporters, we have  $17,500 in matching funds toward our goal of $35,000!  To claim those dollars we need to raise an equal or greater amount from the hundreds of families and community members who love and support Greenspire.  We need your help, too! 

The Greenspire School is growing to better serve our students and dramatically improve its fiscal footing.  But doing so is challenging due to public school financing.

During the summer ahead, Greenspire is self-financing extensive renovations to Maple Hall which will improve our existing facilities and add an additional classroom.  As a result, we’ll be welcoming 21 additional students in the fall.  We’ll also be adding more staff in math and physical education plus a part-time instructional coach specializing in project-based instruction.  The increase in revenue from our higher enrollment will vastly improve our financial health within one year while simultaneously allowing us to expand our educational programming. 

Getting through that first year is hard, however.  Per pupil funding is paused for 60 days each fall by the state creating a cashflow bottleneck for Michigan schools each year.  Just prior, Greenspire will be spending $70,000 from its hard-earned savings to self-finance our Maple Hall renovation.  This makes the annual cashflow challenge even more challenging.

When we welcome 125-130 students on September 5, it will be our largest student body ever.  However, funding for the extra 20-25 students in that number will not be fully received by Greenspire until 2018!  Our funding for 125 will essentially be at the same level as 105.  Where is the funding for the new students?  It's still going to their old schools, a fact that makes growing a school challenging.

To successfully grow a public school in Michigan, you have to face these challenges - as Greenspire is doing.  We are investing our savings so we can add 20-25 students from our wait list of 50 - but it's happening at the same time as our revenue "pause" and we won't get compensated for them fully for over a year.  


This is why we need your help.  When we succeed, Greenspire's fiscal footing will be more solid than ever.  The greatest beneficiaries of this will be our students.  But to succeed, we have to get through a cashflow bottleneck this fall.  We anticipate spending $70,000 from savings and look to you to help us raise an additional $35,000 to safeguard our finances.  The good news is that we're already half way there!  


Thanks to 25 of Greenspire's most enthusiastic supporters, we have raised $17,500 in matching funds toward our goal of $35,000!  But to claim those dollars we need to raise an equal or greater amount from the hundreds of families and community members who love and support Greenspire. 


Help us take Greenspire to a new level of service and stability, ensuring that its child-centric approach to environmental education remains a viable option for generations of area children for decades to come. 


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