Game On!


Students created super humans to play in the ultimate battle at the culmination of the project. Through content area study, students explored character development, westward expansion and geography, genetics and survival. They used what was learned to create super humans that could survive challenges created in content areas by teachers.

Content Standards

LIT:  Students studied the different character traits and how each character interacts and influences others.  Students also used textual references to show understanding of characters.  

ELA:Students learned to write specific arguments that are backed up with evidence through the analysis of the novels they read in Lit.

Social Studies: Students studied the expansion, conquest, and settlement of the American West and the changes in America’s relationships with other nations by analyzing treaties. Students used the fundamental themes of geography to describe regions and places.

Science: Students learned about natural selection and adaptations in the plant and animal world. They also learned about genetics and heredity by creating characters and predicting what their characters' parents would look like by learning about dominant and recessive traits and using Punnett Squares.

Math: In math, students learned different ways to represent data - including histograms, dot plots, and box plots - and how to find measures of center and measures of variation.  They learned how to calculate probabilities, how to design and conduct a simulation, and determine whether or not a set of data has a bias.  Students also began to work with patterns and sequences, learning how to describe various patterns with recursive formulas (NEXT-CURRENT) and direct  ("y=") equations. 


  • In Science and Social Studies students created digital travel guides that included hereditary and genetics layout, climate, inventory and consequences of expansion.

  • Students formed teams at the end of the game based on superhuman traits and battled the teaching staff on the dystopian planet of Mercadium.

  • In Literature class, students created a "book report" that showed dystopian qualities and character traits from their reading.


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